Outline of Programs in the VoiceFIT® 'Condition Your Voice' Workout Pack


Upon course sign up, please ensure you receive the first Welcome email (please check your spam, trash or promotions folder if you don't see it), or give us a shout as we want to make sure you receive the following emails that accompany this course over a 3 week period to help you know, not only about the programs, but how to choose the best ones for YOU! Topics:

#1- Welcome Note - Getting Results

#2 - Which Warm Up(s) in the Workout Pack is/are best for you?

#3- The difference between the Warm Down and the Release Program in the Workout Pack and Which You can Use to Help You Most

#4 - Tips on how to do the Training Programs - Technique is not Necessarily the Main Aim

#5 - Which Strength Exercise Program is Best for You In the Pack?

#6- Stylizing Your Songs - How the Agility Program Can Help

#7- Routine vs Freestyle - Which approach is best for you to Really Get Results?


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