VoiceFIT® Conditioning Workout Pack (MALE IDENTIFYING)

The Warm Ups, Warm Downs, and Training Programs to Get and Stay in Shape!

If you want more freedom, power, and the ability to step up on stage and deliver a performance audiences remember, it's imperative to have the right FITNESS that allows you to do that.


Doing random exercises to warm up your voice?

Using Warm Ups as Training Programs?

Feeling like you’re plateauing with your practice?

VoiceFIT® Conditioning Workout Pack has been designed to take the thinking and guess-work out of your practice.

Did you know that, just like training the body, your voice needs both consistency and variety to build and maintain strength and health. This Workout Pack is designed to include all the programs you need to condition your voice and keep it tip top!

Did you know that it takes about 3 months to get results if you're practicing properly?

Did you know that if you use the 'wrong' program, or if you don't know how to go through your program, it may take years or more to gain that same skill?

What I know to be true....

In my 25 years of coaching, I've come to the conclusion that the point of practice is not just to gain more skill as a singer to execute more accurately and effectively. It is to help you be more free and more powerful in the moment, when it counts




A voice is so much more than its ability to make pitches, create tones, or say words. It’s what you have to say, where you’re coming from, and what you want to express. It’s important to develop and nurture your WHOLE voice; to merge the physical voice and the bigger voice behind it. That’s why The Way You Train Matters. Get the fitness you need to step up on stage and express yourself in the moment without hesitation


Introducing the VoiceFIT® Conditioning Workout Pack!

The Conditioning Workout Pack Includes all the Warm Ups, Warm Downs, and Training Programs You Need To Get and Stay in Shape:

3 Warm Ups – to do before gigs or practice sessions (approx. 10 min each). Use singly or do 2 at a time

1 Warm Down – to do after gigs or demanding practice OR to do as recovery on post-show days

4 Training Programs – to balance, coordinate, strengthen, and optimize your voice 1 Agility Program – an intro-mini workout to increase your flexibility

For a description of all the programs in this pack, click the PREVIEW button below in the Course Curriculum "How to Use the VoiceFIT® Conditioning Workout Pack.

More Conditioning Packs to Come!!

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Your Instructor

Tamara Beatty
Tamara Beatty

Industry Voice Coach Tamara Beatty is known for her ability to zone in on what a singer needs to instantly take their performance to the next level. 16 Seasons voice coaching on NBC's The Voice", 5 Season Celebrity Voice Coach on FOX's number one hit show "The Masked Singer", lead coach S2 FOX's "I Can See Your Voice" and Voice Coach for Apple TV's show in the works "My Kind of Country". Tamara's coaching style is precise, intuitive, and powerful.

“Tamara is an excellent teacher and understands many different voices and personalities. I would go to her everyday if I could!”

- Mindy Jones, Lead singer for Moby, Los Angeles,CA

“Tamara’s ability to quickly read and gain the full trust of the artists she works with, as well as create exercises to enhance their vocal delivery is second-to-none.”

- Don Green, Former President - Canadian Country Music Association, Toronto, ON.

Without Tamara Beatty I wouldn’t have been able to perform nightly on the largest tour of my career.”

- JJ Shiplett, Singer/Songwriter. On Canadian Tour with Johnny Reid. Calgary, AB

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never really ends! There are two ways you can go through the course. The lessons have been designed to go in sequence, but essentially you can go through them at your own pace. For best results, do one lesson every 1-2 weeks with the aim of singing through the practice programs 4 times per week.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
This course has been designed to take into account all your needs! However, if you have any issues at all, please contact us immediately and we will get you what you need!
Will this course help if I'm experiencing voice issues?
If you are experiencing voice issues, please contact your doctor or ENT for an appointment. The program is designed for healthy voices and is not created for individuals experiencing vocal pathology. However, stay tuned for some excited new products to help with that!

These programs are designed for healthy voices! If you are experiencing voice issues due to overuse, misuse, illness, or injury, please contact your doctor or ENT to set up an appointment or click here to contact us / inquire.

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